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21st May 2008

8:29pm: @_@
Oh all this work is just getting to be a bother... I mean, honestly... I'd prefer to go outside and have a good romp in the forest. Of course, with those odd strangers running about, I'm not sure if that's particularly wise. I've managed to keep out of detention for the most part this term... I think my mum might have a heart attack when she finds out, ha! Of course, that's not to say I can't go out as Prongs! Excellent idea, Sirius.

I've also noticed a disturbing lack of muffins lately... this has made me intensely irritable and unhappy... I need muffins! You of the general population just cannot understand... Sigh... I get the feeling that this is some cruel joke.

Either way, muffins or no, I suppose I should... blech... study.

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Current Mood: anxious

9th May 2008

9:58pm: Hmm...
Something odd is going on here at Hogwarts. Remus, Sirius, and I saw these two strange people wandering the grounds in the middle of the night! Don't ask questions about what we were doing wandering the grounds in the middle of the night... it's completely irrelevant. They said they were on their honeymoon. At Hogwarts. That doesn't even make sense to me and my noggin does tend to wander at times. Dumbledore seems fine with their presence, though, so they can't be all that horrid. I still don't think they're honeymooners, though. Honestly... how dense do they think we students are?

In other news, I HATE STUDYING!!! We all knew this, but I felt it was best to share it again. Ugh. Remsy says that we have but a month left til it's all over and done with. I cannot wait! Though I have considered just going the route of my mate Sirius. Books be damned! I'm quite sure I can pass with studying or no studying. It's not as though this magic business is difficult.

As it is, I need to get something in my stomach. Studying has almost made me forget how much I enjoy food. Especially muffins. Time to indulge! Ta!

23rd April 2008

11:10pm: Bloody Studying
I am quite annoyed that I need to study quite so much. Now I wonder if I shouldn't have maybe payed attention throughout the year instead of trying to learn all this at once. What is the point of O.W.L.s again? Honestly... And if you say one thing, Evans, I will never stop harassing you.

I've become quite antsy as of late. All I've done with myself is study, study, study. Not only is it dull but it takes away from good pranking time. Not to mention I haven't seen the mates in ages. Sad, really... I'm getting as bad as some of the Ravenclaws. No offense to any Ravenclaws out there. I need a break. A break I say!

Oi... I really should actually start brushing up on History of Magic... Or maybe I'll go to the kitchens. Yes... yes I think the kitchens sounds much more enjoyable. Ta!
Current Mood: busy

9th April 2008

9:49pm: Busy Times
So I've discovered that Regulus Black isn't all that bad. Regulus, Evan Rosier, and I had a bit of fun with the squid the other day... turned it bright pink! Well, Regulus did. I honestly didn't think he had it in him, but I have been proven wrong! We had to do quite a bit of running afterwards, but it was worth it. Hanging about all these Slytherins... people will think I've been hexed...

Anyways! I fear that I have become a bit of a bookwork lately. Well... as much as I would ever be a bookworm. It's all these O.W.L.s to study for. Remus keeps reminding me that they're right around the corner. And, if he doesn't, the professors do. It's like they're trying to work us to death! Perhaps it's less tests to grade if they kill us off with homework. Either way, I haven't been nearly as social as normal. Sad, isn't it? I think it's time to cause some havoc get out more.

I should actually be getting some book or another at this point in time. I'm off to the library! Ugh...
Current Mood: studious

26th March 2008

10:27pm: How Time Flies..
I've done one of my disappearing acts again, haven't I? And I've missed quite a bit again. Slytherin somehow won a Quidditch game... is this topsy-turvy land I've returned to? Ah well... I'm sure it won't happen again.

Beyond that, the mates seem to be acting strangely. Well... from my extended vantage point they seem to be. And I've been a very bad mate when it comes to birthdays. I have the presents, they just haven't been delivered. Merlin... where does the time go?

As for what I've been spending my time on... well, that's for me to know and you to try and find out, ha! Sadly, it's been nothing terribly exciting if informative. I need to get back into the swing of this school, though. I feel so... off kilter. This shall be fixed soon.

Anyways, I think I'm going to nip down to the kitchens for a muffin or two. Ta.
Current Mood: weird

12th March 2008

11:12am: You Know What Is Vastly Enjoyable?
Harassing Reggie Black. He takes everything so very personally! I ponder if he knows it would be a lot worse if he wasn't Sirius' brother. I told him we were practically family the other day. He didn't enjoy that much at all, haha! I would think he'd like it better than the family he already has (save Sirius, of course) but everyone has their own tastes. What's a lad to do.

Randomly, Reggie is also a bit of a perv... who knew?

In other news! Our dear Remus has recently turned 16 and being a terrible friend, I didn't get to say Happy Birthday on his actual birthday! To make up for this fact, I have decided to throw Remsy a little birthday bash. The usual crowd is invited, of course, but if there's anyone else you would like to have there, Remus, just let me know! I'm thinking this weekend would be good, yes? It's all up to you, Remsy! And I have a killer present for you, too! I'm actually excited to give it to you ;)

Anyways... I probably have something I should be doing. Ta!
Current Mood: busy

27th February 2008

4:26pm: My My...
It seems in my trolling through various tunnels absence I have missed many interesting things. Namely the Valentine's Day dance. Evans apparently went with a pile of grease. Lily, I'm sure you could have found a proper date if you were that desperate to go. Honestly, have some standards. And Remus was stuck with a bore for a date. Poor lad...

I also heard that Emma and Reggie are now involved. The girl has gone bloody insane... Congrats to the two of you on that. ...You are still together, right? I haven't really caught up since that whole scene in the Great Hall. I'm not even sure what's going on anymore...

As for me, I've been keeping myself busy. Apparently O.W.L.s are coming up so I should probably start studying some more. My little side project will have to wait until after those are all said and done. I haven't really been paying attention in classes, so I'll have to start doing that too. And possibly doing my own homework again. Oi... why must school ruin the good time I'm having? But from now on expect a more studious James Potter! Speaking of which, I should probably be studying right now. Off I go!
Current Mood: curious

16th February 2008

6:26pm: Valentine's Day
It seem I've missed Valentine's Day. Ah well... tis a silly holiday anyways. Wasn't there supposed to be some dance or another? Again, ah well. It's not as though I have anyone to be showering gifts on anyways. The one past object of my affection has scorned me numerous times not that I've giving up so what is a love-lorn lad to do? I'm not one for moping, so I've thrown myself into my exploring.

How was everyone's Valentine's, though? Hopefully not quite so lonely as mine?
Current Mood: bored

26th January 2008

4:39pm: Hello Hello!
I know it must feel as though I've disappeared as of late! I've been here and there and everywhere, but I have been exceedingly busy lately. Emma, my dear, our little visit is long overdue. I know things must be difficult with... everything that's happened... but I want you to know that I've been worried about you. You seem to have disappeared from your usual haunts, as well... We must get together sometime soon, ok?

That being said, I really have nothing to say of my mysterious absence. Maybe I was reflecting on a year that has passed and a new one beginning. Or perhaps I was exploring the castle instead of going to classes... the map won't finish itself! Make up your own wild and crazy story!

But... what's this I hear about Courtyard Pirates? And where do I get my hook?
Current Mood: dirty

26th December 2007

1:42am: Happy Christmas!
Happy Christmas, everyone! Hope everyone that's at home is realizing the fun they are missing here. The Christmas meal was delicious as always. I tried sneaking some up to Remsy in the hospital wing, but Madame Pomfrey was having none of it. Silly old bitty... Ah well, I'm just hoping the lads enjoy their gifts. That's all that's really important!

Just to note, Mum and Dad did send me a present. Wouldn't want you to think I'm a neglected child or something. Mum sent me some book about proper etiquette or something... the woman should know me better than that. All I can think is that this present was somehow influenced by a strongly worded letter from someone on staff here. Oh well... I'll 'accidentally' leave it in the library. That always seems to take care of my unwanted books. Not that I'm unappreciative of my mum's gift... I just... ya know... don't want it. Dad, on the otherhand, sent a proper gift! A whole new set of Quidditch gear! And these killer riding goggles, as well. That's my old man!

Anyways, I'm off to visit Remsy and see how he's doing. Ta!

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Gift for RemusCollapse )

Gift for PeterCollapse )

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Current Mood: chipper

18th December 2007

1:13am: Holidays Are Coming
The holidays are upon us. I'll be glad to be rid of some people. Some people who think they are absolutely hilarious. I hate birds... Except Emma. Because she makes me, or has promised to make me, muffins :) Well, there's other reasons, of course, but I do enjoy muffins.

That being said, I'm quite happy to be staying in the castle for the holidays. I do love my mum and dad, but they can be so very dull. And they tend to not want to go along with all my crazy little ideas. Ah well.

I have something to do now. Ta!

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Current Mood: devious

28th November 2007

1:03pm: Mateys!
What do you lads want for Christmas? Unless you'd like autographed photos of yours truly, I suggest you let me know ;)

Also, in old news, Gryffindor thrashed the Slytherin quidditch team. Excellent way to start the season, I must say! Of course, there really was no doubt who would be the victor of that game. We are, after all, amazing.

In random other news, I'm quite annoyed with school and everyone in it (save a select few). Especially rude little red heads who make snippy remarks to my friends when all they've been is nice to her. It's hard to find a decent girl here. I have been chatting with this cute little Hufflepuff in my Divination class. Very nice girl. I still can't stop thinking about Lily though... oi.

I really don't have much to talk about it seems. Oh! Mates... are we staying here for the holidays? Think of the trouble we could get into fun we could have!
Current Mood: calm

4th November 2007

12:39am: Hmph
So the Masquerade. A disaster. I don't care to go into details.

I've been jogging a lot lately. Helps me think and take my mind off my idiocy. And I don't get nearly as sweaty in this nice crisp weather. Quidditch game coming up! Wait... I've forgotten if we're playing... Sirius, are we playing in the coming game? I should, perhaps, pay attention to these things. Oh well.

Some of you will be happy to know I've still be keeping up with my homework.

Halloween was fun. I didn't get a detention and, thus, my mission was successful. Rosier is a sneaky little Slytherin, though. Should've known better than to accept a challenge from a prefect.

So very PrivateCollapse )

I'm off to get some muffins. They haven't been delivering them to the room like they used to... I think a professor might have caught on.
Current Mood: aggravated

25th October 2007

12:18am: Wow...
She said yes! I mean, it wasn't as though I was surprised or anything besides the being completely surprised part... but this is wicked! Ahhh, this dance is going to be amazing.

In other news... Hmm... I'm pretty sure there was other news, but it hardly seems important now.

I must get my costume together. I can't wait for this ball, haha!
Current Mood: surprised

16th October 2007

10:59pm: Yar!
My fellow Gryfifndors, we have been challenged! And we never back down from a challenge, do we? Of course not! Therefore, we must be Halloween-y to the kilt! We CANNOT lose to Slytherin... blech.

In other news, I've taken up jogging. It's not as awful now that the weather is cooling down. Besides, the muffins may start packing on the pounds... I have to stay in shape for Quidditch, after all! I'm Chaser, as if there was any doubt, ha. And I'm sure Gryffindor will snatch the Cup this year as well. We are, after all, amazing. And with Sirius on the team, we can't lose.

Hrm... I have things to do...

Sirius Answers AllCollapse )

((OOC: FYI, Jamsie has hexed a bunch of pumpkins to randomly stalk people around the halls and glare at them maliciously. Have fun!))
Current Mood: chipper

26th September 2007

11:29pm: So
What have I been up to, you may ask? Homework. Ridiculous amounts of homework. I'm rather lucky I have Remsy around to keep me on track with this stuff. I do, after all, have something to prove. And actually remembering what is due when was never part of the challenge! Ha!

Randomly, I've decided that it might be good to take up jogging. It will keep me in shape for Quidditch and maybe I'll run into Lily some more. Which I'm looking forward to so very much! I need Quidditch to get some of this excess energy out of me. I've found myself wandering around doing not much of anything. Well... at least not much of anything that I can tell you about, ha! Unless you're a Marauder, of course, so don't even think about it, Evans. I'm growing bored... Sirius just said that's the way I am, though. Something must be done. I haven't a clue what, yet... but something.

Also, I've been hearing a lot about this attack on Muggles. There were even some deaths from what I've heard/read. That's insane. I mean... why would anyone want to hurt Muggles? They're harmless and, I find, quite enjoyable people. They come up with the craziest stuff! But I'm sure the Ministry will take care of it.

I think I'm going to go... get into something I'm not suppose to. Try and catch me!
Current Mood: bored

9th September 2007

6:57pm: A Challenge!
Any bird that I may have convinced to do my homework for me, please disregard. This lad has something to prove! And prove it I shall!

Sirius, Remus, Peter... I've decided we need to have a group meeting. We have things to discuss and plans to make.

Randomly, if anyone is ever in need of a delicious muffin, stop by my dorm room. I have plenty 
Current Mood: determined

5th September 2007

9:38pm: Hogwarts, Hogwarts
Oh MERLIN it's good to be back! I lad can breathe here! If, perhaps, not too deeply what with some prefects Evans thinking I'm some kind of hooligan. Hmph!

Randomly, lads, we need to get together. It's time to ring in the new year, yes? ;)

Anyways, the train ride here was enjoyable. I slept for the first part of it, but when I awoke, there was a lovely addition to our compartment. One Emma I believe her name was. Nice girl. Remus seemed to be getting on well with her when I woke up, so I figured she couldn't be all bad. Though Remus gets on well with Evans... a good sign! She has this little puff of a cat, too. Izzie, I think? Very cute! I told her to watch the owls around it. It was nice getting to hang out with Peter and Remus, as well. Peter bought this PILE of sweets... I'm judging he's very excited about getting away from his watchful mum, ha. Remus seemed rather relaxed, as well. Sirius, however... who knows where that chap was. As Remus said, he was probably chasing some bird here or there. It is a new year after all!

Speaking of which, they've already piled us with homework. It's ridiculous! I understand that we have OWLs this year, but honestly... it's too much! I need to find someone to do my homework. I kid, of course! Though not really... there's a lot a little flirting can do.

And speaking of that homework, I should go... do some of it. Or do something else. More than likely it will be something else.
Current Mood: happy

19th August 2007

2:03am: Are these holidays over yet? I have so many ideas and plans and expectations for this school year... for once I'm looking forward to going back! And have you heard that our Remus is going to be a Prefect? Dumbledore couldn't have made a better choice! The mates and I will be able to do whatever we want! Be sure to congratulate him properly. And, mates, when are we going to get our supplies? My mum keeps hounding me about it... as though there isn't plenty of time left!

Ok, there isn't, but so what? I'll get it done in due time.

Anyways, as I've said, I'm quite excited for this year. There are already a few projects in the works. Oh, it will be wonderful :)

Well, I'm off to find Sirius. I am bored. Ta!
Current Mood: excited

1st August 2007

4:50pm: Where Has Summer Gone?
Can you believe the holidays are almost over? It's been frightfully boring so far, so I suppose I won't complain too much. I've visited Remus a few times and been to see Sirius, but not much else has happened. Though there are whisperings in my household that Sirius might be coming to stay for the rest of the summer. How wicked would that be?! No more owls (the poor thing has taken to trying to bite me whenever I come near her...) and no more constantly having to floo here and there. I much prefer flying as it is. Besides, we have back to school pranks to plot. I figured we should start the year with a bang! Perhaps Remus and Peter could come for a visit so we can plan properly. It's been far too long since all the Marauders have been under the same roof!

In other news... hold on a moment... I have no other news! I'm so bloody BORED. All my mum does all day is send me to do errands that I promptly forget. I haven't the foggiest idea why she keeps sending me... I never come back with the proper stuff. I must get my stubbornness from her. And Dad is busy with work, of course. A lot busier than usual, lately. Always in meetings with foreign wizards from what I've overheard whilst eavesdropping. What's a lad to do? I've taken to planting little boobytraps about the house... just to keep me on my toes. Mum, of course, isn't too keen about all that. My defense was that I was trying to keep her young... she's no spring chicken! She then proceeded to tell me to make my own dinner because her old hands couldn't handle it... Note to self: Do not bring up Mum's age when she's cooking your dinner.

As it is, I'm a bit hungry, so I think I'll go see if she's forgiven me yet.
Current Mood: hungry

25th July 2007

10:18pm: Clean Slate

9th July 2007

1:47am: FREEDOM!
Yes, yes, I know... I'm a bit behind the curveball. But, Merlin, it's good to be free! Of course, there is the ultimate downside of being seperated from the mates for such an extended period of time. I have been uncharacteristically quiet lately, though... I'd be surprised if they even miss me! I do apologize for this, mates. Trust me, I will make it up to all of you.

Randomly, Sirius, you must drop by for a visit on your whirlwind tour of everywhere. You can slip me in, right? Right? Pleeeeeease? I will be very bored this summer as my parents are off on a whirlwind tour of their own. Why they wouldn't take their ONLY precious child with them, I do not know, but the point is I'm alone and bored. I should throw a party of some kind... invite anyone and everyone to the Potter household. Serve my parents right for leaving me alone!

Another randomly, I should visit Remus. He hasn't run off like Sirius and Peter. Besides, we haven't been able to hang out in quite a bit, what with exams, my random hermitness, and the thing with Snape other things. Would you mind a visitor Remsy?

Anyways, I'm going to go... poke around our library. THIS IS HOW BORED I AM!!!!
Current Mood: bored

15th April 2006

8:47am: Hip Hip Hooray!!
School is almost over! Well... alright, not almost, but it is getting ridiculously close! I know I can't wait to be freed of books and teachers and the occasional annoying classmate.

Randomly, did you know Slytherins like to bathe in pudding? Not of their own freewill, of course >XD Who'd have thought it...? I, personally, didn't think they could get anymore ridiculous, but there you have it.

Also, I am but inches away from procuring my muffin recipe. Life, as we say, is good. Well, it'd be better if the mates and I got to hang out more, but that will soon be remedied!

It'd also be a lot better if I could see a certain red-head, but I hear tale Lily is caught up with this Rosier fellow.... I'm not jealous at all... Bloody Slytherins...

Anyways, I'm off to the kitchens!

Current Mood: accomplished

22nd March 2006

12:10pm: Bah...
My life has been real... annoying? Annoying is a good word for it. Classes are boring. Haven't hung out with all the mates in quite a bit. And girls are crazy. Absoultely nutters. I'm beginning to lean towards swearing off them again. N-U-T-T-E-R-S.

But there's also the fact that school is sucking me under. First, it's boring. But it requires so much blasted work! Revisions, homework... what torturous mind came up with all this?! And O.W.L.s? Don't even get me started with that! If I were more susceptible to stress, I would've actually buckled and started studying by now. I find ignoring it (for the time being) much more conducive to my sanity, though. So I've been busying myself with Quidditch and things that don't involve schoolwork. My latest project? Trying to convince the house elves to teach me their muffin recipe. Less chance of me being caught sneaking down to the kitchens every night if I can just make them myself, ya know?

In other news, I'm old now. But at least Remus and Petey are old right along with me! Which reminds me... Pete, your gift came! I, er... may have misplaced it, but not to worry! I'm quite sure it's in the dorm room... somewhere. Just so you know, it's a bundle of magic parchment. Found it in Hogsmeade the other day... apparently it's much easier to charm than normal parchment and it corrects spelling mistakes for you instantly! I got you a really nice set of pre-filled quills, too. I'll find them sooner or later!

Anyways, I have a muffin recipe to obtain. Ta!

Current Mood: antsy

15th March 2006

8:42pm: Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeter!!!

I have a giftie for you, as well, but it hasn't yet arrived. Owls are getting ridiculously slow these days. Would you like me to tell you what it is or let it surprise you when it arrives? Should be here tomorrow, at the latest! But I do have a little something for you ;)

Small package left on Peter's bedCollapse )

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