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The Journal of James Potter

Enjoy Your Stay! (Unless You're A Slytherin)

James Potter
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Full Name: James Harry Potter
Nicknames: Prongs... but most people just call me James.
Gender: Male
Birthday: 27 March, 1960
Year: 5th
Age: 15

Blood: Pureblooded, but I'm not one of those snobs who actually cares
Parents: There's my mum, Julia, and my pa, Richard. My pa is a Ministry worker in the Department of International Magical Cooperation and my mum is a housewife.
Siblings: None. My parents had me when they were getting on in years... Mum always says she couldn't handle another little me at her age, heh.
Other family: None, really.

Wand: Mahogany, 11", excellent for Transfiguration (least that's what Ollivander said)
House: Gryffindor!
Best Classes: Defence Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration
Favorite Classes: Defence Against the Dark Arts
Worst Classes: Divination... it's all a load of bull, anyways

Sexual preference: Lily Evans Straight
Turn ons: A quick wit and a good sense of humor and a keen sense of adventure
Turn offs: Being boring and being obsessed with lineage
Relationships: None, at the moment, though not for lack of attention ;)
Crushes: Lily Evans None of your business!

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 145 lbs.
Eyes/Vision: Hazel with glasses
Hair: Black and beyond help
Build: Tall and thin
Defining Marks: My hair, really. Girls love it ;)
Hearing: Good enough, I suppose
Left/Right/Ambi: Right
Health: I'm in top form, if I do say so myself
Dress Style: Jeans and a nice shirt are fine by me. I'm not all that picky

Introvert/Extrovert: Extrovert, all the way!
Mental Health: What of it? I'm rather well adjusted, I should think.
Phobias/Fears: Leading a mundane life with no friends or family to lean on. I'm a Gryffindor... we're not afraid of anything!
Quirks: I dunno... I have a tendancy to prank anyone and everyone (except my mates unless it would be really funny) whenever the opportunity arises.
Skills: I'm excellent at Quidditch (no matter what those dirty Slytherins say) and quite good at getting away with... well... msot anything ;)
Likes: Quidditch, flying, having fun, being with my mates, plotting, pranking, adventures
Dislikes: Almost all Slytherins, being made to look a fool, getting caught, not being with my mates

Personality Defect: You are the Class Clown, and this
means that you are extroverted, mean, and arrogant. You are not very
rational, so you gravitate towards things that produce feelings or
emotions over thoughts (like fart jokes or spitballs, for instance).
You are also an extrovert and rather full of yourself, so of course you
want constant attention for yourself and think you are somehow better
than others. You can also be a bit mean-spirited, and like a class
clown you wouldn't hesitate to make a joke at someone else's expense,
no matter how terrible it would make them feel. So your personality
defects are that you have to be the center of attention, that you don't
care about others, and that you are rather irrational and motivated by
intuitions. Now stop walking around with those books on your head and
sit down this instant!


Yup, this is a RP journal for hoggiewarts. I'm not James Potter. I don't own James Potter. So, yeah, don't sue me? Thanks ^_^